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We love being a local chip shop! Our mission is to serve some of the tastiest and most delicious fish and chips in St Ives. Our hyper-focused insights on fish and chips will put your mind at ease and allow you to taste some of the best fish and chips. At Sharky’s Fish & Chip Shop Limited, we maintain a large catalogue of chip shop resources to provide you with tasty fish and chips. We pride ourselves on satisfying our customers taste buds through our amazing fish and chips, whether that being in our local chip shop or through takeaway.
Fish and Chips St Ives
We love what we do here at Sharky’s Fish & Chip Shop Limited! By providing fish and chips in St Ives it enables our customers to taste amazing food and helps them to satisfy their taste buds. Our clients can be reassured that their fish and chips are cooked to perfection by our hands, because of our skills and knowledge. Our main objective is to ensure that your fish and chips are taken care of in the best way possible and you receive the service you require! We can provide you with amazing fish and chips that will leave you wanting more, with the latest and up to date skills and products the market place has to offer. Contact us today if you want to taste our amazing fish and chips.
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    If you are wanting to taste some of the most amazing fish and chips in St Ives, look no further than Sharky's Fish & Chip Shop Limited, contact us today for further information!

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    If you live in St Ives, and you are looking for a local chip shop, you have came to the right place, contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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    At Sharky's Fish & Chip Shop Limited, we always cook our fish and chips to perfection so you can take it away and eat it in the comfort of your own home.